Thanks for checking out Patrizi’s! For over 50 years the Patrizi family has been cooking from tried and true recipes from the old country. We strive to bring authentic Italian fare to the bustling Austin food scene. With our fresh pasta pulled to order, homemade sauces, and friendly atmosphere, Patrizi’s is quickly becoming a favorite among Austin’s east side locals. Located adjacent to a performance art venue and bar, the inviting and lively atmosphere makes dining with us a unique experience. Come celebrate honest food, true friends and good wine at Patrizi’s family owned food truck!


We have carefully chosen our ingredients to reflect the traditional flavors the Patrizi family has been cultivating for decades. From the simple Roman dish “Cacio e Pepe” to our robust homemade “Patrizi’s Red Sauce” we have a little something for everyone! Our staff will happily guide you through our menu and help you find that Italian flavor you crave.

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We use only fresh homemade pasta made with local eggs,

semolina flour, salt, and nutmeg

Pomodoro - 12 (v)

local tomatoes, garlic confit, butter, and salt.  served with fresh ricotta and a tuft of basil

Patrizi’s Red Sauce - 11

Family’s tomato sauce stewed with onions, garlic, garden herbs, pork trimmings, and cheese rinds.


Cacio e Pepe - 12 (v)

grana padano cheese, pepper, and olive oil

The Great Leopold - 11.5 (v)

basil and arugula pesto, served with pumpkin seeds, crushed red chilis, and lemon zest

Carbonara Alexandra - 13

house cured and smoked pancetta (bacon), coddled egg yolks (eggs), grana padano (cheese)  

Diavolo - 11 (v)

lemon, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and chilis

Additions, Salads, and Small Plates

Meatball - $5

family beef and pork meatball with breadcrumbs and house red sauce

Chicken Arrosto - $5

roasted chicken thighs with lemon, rosemary, and our pomodoro sauce

Garlic Bread - $6

grilled ciabatta, poached garlic, and grana cheese

Roasted Carrots - $6

roasted local carrots with spicy cajun aioli and watermelon radishes 

Patrizi's House Salad - $6.5

family’s house salad, with giardiniera, pickled onions, and yumminess

Roasted Beets - $5.5

roasted local beets, fresh ricotta cheese, lemon zest, and pickled onions

Gluten Free Options

While we have experimented with gluten free pasta substitutes such as Zucchini, and Spaghetti Squash based noodles, we are currently not offering such substitutions.  After a myriad of trial and error and countless analyses, the kitchen has come to the conclusion that our experiments haven't yielded an adequate gluten free stand-in for our freshly made Pasta.  Even barring the structural problems a gluten free pasta presents to a kitchen covered in flour, our dedication to providing the best quality food is the primary reason for the menu change.


As such, we've focused our efforts on making sure those with dietary concerns can still have a delicious and diverse meal with us at Patrizi's in a different format.  From off-menu items, to specific meal curation, our staff is always happy to help the gluten free, vegan, non-red-meat-eating, and anyone in-between to find their perfect meal.  From local vegetables, to house made cheeses (vegan and non), and complex salads, we're confident our servers will give you the best possible experience.

We will continue to experiment with food that challenges us, and pushes us to create for the sake of the community. We hope to have you with us on our way.

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