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Where Are We?:

Contact Info and Reservations for Large Groups:


Phone: (512) 522 - 4834

When are we Open?

We are open everyday 5pm - 11pm 

Come early to beat the crowd, get a bottle of wine from the Butterfly Bar, and stay for the evening

Catering Questions:

Unfortunately, due to our current demand for our dinner service, the catering branch of our operations has taken a back seat to keeping a firm eye on the quality of both our food and our service for everyone that dines with us.  If at any point, our catering operation resumes, we'll be sure to update our website with the pertinent information.  Thanks! 

Gift Cards

If you are interested in getting a gift card for yourself or as a gift.  We do digital gift cards! They are quick and simple.  Click the link below, and follow the payment instructions and a gift card will be sent to you or to whomever you want.  Then all you have to do is show up at the restaurant and show them the digital code on the gift card and let the internets to the rest!


Let us know what you think:


Check out all of our blog reviews as well as yelp to get a better understanding of who we are.  

Let us know what you think as well. 


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The Vortex and Butterfly Bar:

For information about our partners please visit their websites or check out their calendar below to see upcoming shows and events.

The Vortex  



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