Dinner Night

Dinner Night is Patrizi's way of making everyone sit down, relax, and enjoy one of the best meals in town.  Our goal is to evoke a sense of old world Italy. Having a full meal, a couple bottles of wine, and fulfilling discourse. We will turn off our regular menu and replace it with a coursed prix fixe meal. This usually entails a 3-5 course dinner prepared by our chefs.  We spend an entire week preparing a unique menu and morning of shopping at our local farms.  We strive to create a thematic meal with inspiration from quality ingredients and synergies from our neighborhood purveyors.  We are succeeding in producing unique and thoughtful creations every meal, and excited for you to come and try them.

Keep your eyes peeled and we will occasionally updated everyone on particular ingredients, or inspirations of the menu throughout the day.  You can check our Updates page or any one of our social medial outlets for hints. So put your phone away, turn off the TV, and come and enjoy some of our creations.


Happy Eating!



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