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Cuernavaca MENU


fettuccine pasta made with semolina flour & local eggs

Cacio e Pepe - 15
grana padano cheese, and fresh cracked black pepper

Carbonara Alexandra - 17

house cured pancetta, coddled egg, grana padano cheese, and gremolata

Red Sauce - 15.5

family red sauce with pork trimmings, herbs, and grana padano cheese

Butter Noodles - 12

grana padano cheese and garlic butter

Pomodoro - 16

tomatoes, butter, and garlic. Garnished with house farm cheese and fresh basil

Karah's Diavolo - 15.5

lemon, egg, rosemary, red chilis,

grana padano cheese

Lemon Thyme - 16

sauteed garlic, butter, egg, lemon, thyme, grana padano cheese 

Leopold - 16.5

basil and arugula pesto with grana padano cheese, pepitas, red chilis, and lemon zest

Pasta Additions

Meatball - 5

Chicken Arrosto - 4

Sott'olio - 3

Farm Cheese - 3

Bacon - 3.5

Hot Peppers - 1.5

Mushrooms - 3.5

Honey - 1

Antipasti & Small Plates

Garlic Bread - 7

garlic oil, garlic confit,
grana padano cheese, gremolata

Bruschetta - 8

toasted foacaccia with a trio of

chef selected toppings.

TOASTED Focaccia - 5

warm toasted focaccia made in house daily


meatball sandwich - 13.5

meatball, giardiniera, red sauce

Roasted Beets - 6.5

beets, farm cheese, pickled onions, gremolata

Marfa Tomatoes - 6.5

cherry tomatoes, basil, farm cheese, arugula



cucumbers, tomatoes, blue cheese, arugula

Veggie Sott'olio - 6.5


chicken parm sammy- 13.5

chicken thighs, giardiniera, red sauce, grana


risotto al funghi - 15

pesto, grana padano, mushrooms

Risotto al pomodoro - 16

farm cheese, basil, chicken


Side Patrizi's Salad - 8

side salad with mixed greens, giardiniera, pickled onions, garlic confit, grana padano cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, & creamy italian dressing

kat's roquefort- 15

entree sized salad of mixed greens topped with our Roquefort style blue cheese, bacon, giardiniera, walnuts, pickled onions, and our house made creamy vinaigrette.

Large Patrizi's salad - 13

dinner salad with mixed greens, giardiniera, pickled onions, garlic confit, grana padano cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers & creamy italian dressing

Rainbow Salad - 14.5

vegan dinner salad w/ mixed greens, beets, tomatoes, pepitas, giardiniera, pickled onion, garlic confit, cashew parmesan, and creamy lemon vinaigrette

pizza "al taglio"

roman style street pizza

cheese - 18

margherita - 22.5

bacon and blue - 25

mushroom and pesto - 24.5

meatball- 22

spicy italian sausage - 24.5





tomato, farm cheese, basil, house saba

meatball - 13.5

meatball, giardinara, red sauce

muffaletta - 13.5

olive tapenade, giardiniera, mortadella

chicken parm - 13.5

chicken thigh, red sauce, grana

spicy chicken salad - 11.5

arugula, chicken salad, diavolo sauce


Garden Veg - 12.5

veggies, pesto, giardiniera

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